Chillers In North Highlands

Chiller plants are very popular in buildings and its important to hire the right company when it comes to your chiller as they are a key part to your traditional forced air system and data center applications.

We pride ourselves on being experts on chiller installations, with our competitive pricing and lots of options we have the right option for your building.

Customer Advantages

Chiller systems can be complicated, but not for our talented chiller specialists. They are trained to come in and access the current system and work with you the owner/manager to understand what you are trying to achieve with the new system. Once this has been determined we can make recommendations and provide you with a few options that meet the needs of you and the building along with your budget. This paired with a highly skilled installation team make for the perfect package for you the customer.

If you know anyone who needs a chiller service, let them know about us. River City Mechanical is here to answer your needs. Call us today for more information.