Ductless Minisplit Heatpumps

Ductless mini split systems or split heat pumps are very popular here in California, especially in homes with no forced air or if you have a boiler system. These systems are the “go to” option for residential homes with boilers, giving you supplemental heating and cooling in any area you choose.

You have the traditional outdoor unit and then you can have an unlimited amount of indoor heads. These units are just as popular in server rooms, office buildings and in any room you need to heat or cool.

Customer Advantages

We are known throughout the Greater Sacramento area as the “ductless professionals”, we have many years expertise and are able to take on any home and any situation. From the sales team coming into the home and determining the type of system you need, where the units will be located and where the heat and cooling will be directed. Each indoor unit is sized to provide the right amount of heating and cooling and the system installation is designed to be as less invasive as possible. This paired with a highly skilled installation team make for the perfect package for you the homeowner.

If you know anyone who needs a ductless split air-conditioning service, let them know about us. River City Mechanical is here to answer your needs. Call us today for more information.